Myles Gray

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The candle of fertility. Infused with rainbow moonstone and rose quartz. Creates new beginnings. Enhances intuition and spiritual awareness. Balances both male and female energy. Offers unconditional love and balance.
Fragrance: Baby powder and bubblegum.

Esprit Clair
The candle of clarity, encourages a clear mind and positive outlook to improve mental health. Infused with tigers eye and amethyst. Will assist in completing tasks and will improve your workflow. Recognises inner strength and allows new thoughts and ideas to generate. Fragrance: Coconut and Clarity.

The candle of love. Infused with rose quartz. Releases the pain in your heart and allows you to see your true worth. Will encourage positive energy and love to flourish. Opens the heart chakra and offers infinite peace.
Fragrance: Salted Caramel

The candle of light. Infused with clear quartz. Unblocks energy and removes any fog from your mind. Lumiere will help you see your purpose. It will promote happiness, concentration and meditation. Work and creativity will flow with ease.
Fragrance: pineapple, vanilla and coconut.

The candle of deflection. Infused with black tourmaline and labradorite. Provides protection from negative thoughts and ill wishes. Enhances your intuition and encourages a positive outlook. Protects the energy in your home from all forms of destruction.
Fragrance: Lemon, lime, citrus and sugared raspberry.

The candle of healing. Infused with black Tourmaline and rainbow moonstone. Allows you to face difficult emotions without feeling overwhelmed. Creates a safe space for you to heal from your trauma and move forward in your own time. Will also block any negative thoughts or ill wishes. Fragrance: Damask rose, Bulgarian rose, black musk and pear.

The candle of compassion. Infused with rose quartz and black Tourmaline. Encourages kindness whilst remaining firm and standing your ground. Allowing you to recharge and offering protection of your energy, into is perfect for use when making difficulty decisions.
Fragrance: Lychee Guava Sorbet.

Vous Pouvez
The candle of confidence, a constant reminder that you can do anything you set your mind to. Infused with Carnelian. It will push you to accomplish tasks to your highest potential and step outside your comfort zone to fulfill dreams and wishes.
Fragrance: Japanese Honeysuckle.